Saturday, June 6, 2009

Master Status

Recently I have earned the title "Master Necromancer" along with my new favorite spell:


Not only is it my favorite spell, ITS EVEN IN MY LAST NAME!
*Gasp, omg, yay*

I'm still in Mooshu but I'm not complaining. The soothing music and amazing visuals keep me company as I kill. :D

SCHOOLS OUT! cant wait for all the new students who will be joining for summer school.

Til Next Time,


  1. Hey I just made Master of death today and I am still in MooShu as well! Small world! You're right - wraith rocks! Maybe I'll run across you sometime - always love to meet a fellow death wizard :)

    -Countess Shadowbane

  2. Gratz on your achievement, Master Necromancer!

  3. Having wraith be a part of your last name is just full of awesomeness. :-)